Research and development enjoy a high priority status at CARBULL. The analysis of crash helmets and accidents in day to day life as well as knowledge from continuous testing and laboratory results make each CAIRBULL helmet a product with the highest safety margins.

Carbo wing technology

Air channel technology

To prevent our products from dents and scratches and to ensure longevity, we have supplied our products with an additional downshell.

Inmold technology

Inmold construction

ABS technology

In this production method, the outer shell and core are produced separately from each other and are getting joined in an additional work step.

Carbon or fibreglass

Carbon fibreglass construction



Height adjustment

To ensure optimum fit and best wearing comfort, our products are equipped with an additional height adjustment system besides the regular head circumference adaptation system. Integrated ballpins enab

Full protection

Fullface-helmet for a maximum of safety during downhill rides.

Bug stop

Insect protective net inmolded

Compatibility with glasses

All of our visors have been specially designed for the use by spectacle wearers and enable optimum comfort with effective protection from wind and rain.


Decide on your own whether to use an Insect Protection Net or not. Be on the safe side in any case with our optional insertable insect net.


Life saving visibility: Our innovative REARLIGHT is an essential and easy to use safety upgrade. With a simple “click” you and your kids are ready for a ride in the dark of dawn.

Light weight

CAIRBULL light weight design.

Clean Tex pads

Clean Tex Pads are treated antibacterially and therefore prevent the rise of bacteria within the helmet. As a consequence, longevity and long-lasting hygienic freshness is achieved.

LFS - Light Fit System

Based on the experiences of the past and the results of our research, in which we have worked closely together with our team-riders, we have defined a completely new requirement profile for an adjustm

RLS - Rapid Lock System

Perfect ergonomic fit. Side volume adjustment. Inmolded 360° size adjustment. New optimized lacing system with improved comfort. Easy handling due to integrated strap-divider. Reflective logo-sticker

HCS - Hyper Control System

180° size adjustment, inmolded and adjustable. Easy handling due to integrated strap divider. Reflective logo-sticker included.


Clip buckle


Optimal wearing comfort in the chin area


Waterproof raincover with welded seams for protection against rain, wind and coldness. Optimal visibility through reflectors.


UVP     $ 42 


The helmet provides an answer to the age-old dilemma of ventilation versus aerodynamics. With its narrow shape and shell it is a seriously aerodynamic helmet but a quick adjustment to the Airfront system turns it into a helmet with sufficient ventilation to tackle climbs on hot days.Fast like a , it's the perfect combination of aerodynamics and ventilation, whenever you need it!


■     Air channel technology

■     Inmold technolog

■     Light weight

■     Perfect Ventilation and Aerodynamic 

■     Clean Tex pads

■     LFS - Light Fit System

■     Height adjustment

■     Clip buckle

■     Chinpad


■     In-mold construction

      The combined action of the EPS structure, 

      the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton 

      creates resistance to the mechanical action 

      exercised by an impact and dissipates the 

      energy  in order to prevent it from being

      transferred to the head of the rider 

      wearing the helmet.

■     Super and Comfort Fit to guarantee 

      exceptional adjustability and stability

■     Perfect combo of lightweight and ventilation

■     Very Aerodymanic

■     Flow-Throught Ventilation

      Keeping your head cool and dry is essential 

      for maintaining performance at the highest 

      levels. Thanks to the shape and the 

      positioning of the external air openings and 

      the unique inside air channels our helmets 

      are perfectly ventilated and very comfortable.

      The air vents have been designed to permit

      maximum dispersion of heat, ensuring your 

      performance does not drop as a result of    

      the heat, and effective evaporation of sweat.

■     Various fine selected colors design and top

      level processing make you outstanding in



■     S/M (52-58cm)

■     M/L (58-62cm)


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What makes a good racing cycle helmet or time trial helmet? Anyone who is on the move with a racing cycle wants to get from A to B quickly. CAIRBULL helmets combine the requirements for maximum speed with those for safety. We offer extremely light and aerodynamic helmets with weight-reducing in-mold technology and safety-augmenting carbon constructions. To prefent sweating, all our helmets possess an excellent and top-rated ventilation system.