CAIRBULL, the specialist for sport and safety helmets, supports professional, youth and amateur cycling, and utilises this strong and broad commitment to continually develop its top products under competition conditions and with the feedback of riders. 


As a global premium brand in the field of sport and safety helmets, CAIRBULL has been involved in the field of professional sports and safety for many years and supports the world’s best athletes to continually achieve new top performances. Professional equipment is traditionally the foundation for athletic success, and so numerous international bike stars rely on products from CAIRBULL. 

 Helen Grobert brings it to the point: “For me as well as for many top athletes, trust plays a very decisive role so that I can fully focus on my sport. I know from experience that with CAIRBULL nothing can go wrong, and this gives me the necessary safety and also ease when riding.” 

 Since 2014 CAIRBULL has ensured that professional, youth and amateur cyclists as well as ambitious recreational athletes make the right decision for their head with an innovative helmet program. The many years of cooperation with cycling teams and with many specialists from high-performance sports inspires CAIRBULL to continually develop its products. 

Because product development always progresses and is a continuous process, the feedback from top athletes and international professional teams is extremely important to CAIRBULL. So new product developments also – and particularly from the experiences in the professional field – emerge where the demands on products are maximal. This is an important collaboration that stimulates both sides and is the basis for CAIRBULL to continue to bring top products to series-production readiness. These products provide the highest quality and are a tick ahead of the competition! The highest demands on one’s own products are also demands which repeatedly convince top-performance sport and enable cooperation with professional teams.  

As a specialist with many years of experience, CAIRBULL produces excellent products of highest quality for ambitious athletes and utilised exclusively and uncompromising high-quality materials. CAIRBULL products are state-of-the-art in terms of safety, optimum fit, ventilation as well as design.